Top-Quality Fire Opal and Diamond Engagement Ring At An Affordable Price

Top-Quality Fire Opal and Diamond Engagement Ring At An Affordable Price

Fire Opal Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Opals are unique, one of a kind, and carry an almost magical varicolored inner allure. Their non-replicable and durable nature and intense beauty make them a great choice for engagement rings. Today we will introduce you to a one-of-a-kind opal and diamond engagement ring that carries a stunning fire opal as its central piece! We call this fire opal ring "The Precious"!

“The Precious” Featuring Red Mexican Fire Opal

The Precious is the name given to this statement engagement ring, a unique mix of the Mexican fire opal and brilliant rose cut diamonds. Opals are one of the rarest gemstones since they can only be found in a particular environment. The fire opal, in particular, is one of its most in-demand variants.

It can be recognized by its translucent body enriched with a yellow, orange, and red inner play of color. Its stunning bright orange-yellow allure is quite adept at catching the attention of admirers, which makes it a great choice as the centerpiece for our ring! Our ring, "The Precious," features a stunning 0.17-carat Mexican fire opal that carries a fiery red inner play of color. This central piece is further surrounded by a mix of rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds to accentuate its beauty.

Style and Design

The Precious opal engagement ring is intricately styled, and its flair isn't so easily missed! The stunning Mexican red fire opal forms the centerpiece. It is held in place by four prongs at the center. This is then surrounded by 0.403 carats of 14 brilliant-cut diamonds in a circular loop. These diamonds impart exceptional brilliance to the diamond without overshadowing the inner centerpiece. It doesn't end here, though. A ring of ten rose-cut diamonds further surrounds the brilliant-cut diamonds.


Why Rose Cut Diamonds for Our Fire Opal Engagement Ring?

Unlike brilliant cut diamonds, Rose cut diamonds contain fewer facets (from 3 to 34 in number) and resemble the shape of a rosebud. They can be recognized by their domed top and flat base. Moreover, unlike brilliant-cut diamonds, which are cut with a maximum number of facets to reflect light better, rose-cut diamonds are cut with fewer facets to allow for a more subtle shine.

Their subtle shine and unique shape also offer a more sophisticated, ethereal style. This is why rose-cut diamonds were considered the ideal candidate for the outer circle of our fire opal engagement ring. These diamonds also give a subtle champagne appearance which complements the inner fire opal well. The entirety of the central ring is then bound by an 18K rose gold band that ties it all together. This fire opal ring design is truly one of a kind and will serve as a true symbol of love for any lucky couple!

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

How Much Our Fire Opal Engagement Ring Cost?

You can purchase the Precious fire opal engagement ring from The Wind Opal official website for just $1198.99. You can also purchase the ring in four interest-free installments if you like! The pricing for this brilliant opal engagement ring is quite affordable compared to the market, which makes this Mexican fire opal ring a product well worth your investment.


Looking For A One Of A Kind Opal Engagement Ring?

At The Wind Opal, we excel at incorporating rich opal variants in rings, necklaces, and other statement jewelry items for our clients. Those who seek a unique piece of jewelry to share with their loved ones will love what we have in store for them. The Precious opal and diamond engagement ring is one such example of what we have to offer! You can browse our collection of opal engagement rings to find the one that suits you the best.


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