The Most Vivid Black Opal Ever Seen: The Magnificent

The Most Vivid Black Opal Ever Seen: The Magnificent

The Most Vivid Black Opal Ever Seen: The Magnificent

GIA Black Opal Engagement Ring

They say true beauty possesses the ability to mesmerize you. That is something I realized when I saw the most exquisite black opal there can be.

It was something like love at first sight for me!

Let me tell you the story of how I came across one of the most vivid black opals you'll ever lay your eyes upon. Black opals are truly rare, somewhat even rarer than diamonds (black opal is incredibly rare compared to regular white and yellow diamonds), but this beauty was something else entirely.


A few years back, I was shopping for some fresh opal gemstones to add to my collection of black opal jewelry. I like to hand select my opals, match the right fit to the piece I visualize and then try to make it a reality!


While on my quest for finding the fitting centerpiece, my eyes came across this one particularly vivid black opal stone. For a few moments, I couldn't seem to look away; it was by far one of the brightest, most stunning black opals I had come across. It had the right dark set tone that helped its inner play of color seem even more alluring.


Right off, I noticed some vivid hues and shades of red, orange, blue, and bright green. The more vivid the play of color is, the more valuable the black opal is. I realized I had somehow just stumbled across a tiny treasure piece! In that instant, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this gem. I felt incredibly inspired and knew I had to get that gem to my studio.

GIA Black Opal Engagement Ring

But getting my hands on it wasn’t exactly easy!

I asked for its pricing, and while it shouldn't seem too shocking, the price was going to put a dent in my wallet! But as I said, I was committed to taking this opal home. I still thought it best to request a discount from my opal cutter, but as I suspected, I wouldn’t get any (not on that piece!). Plus, I got a heads up that I was one of many buyers lining up to buy this piece.


It seemed like a now-or-never decision because finding a black opal like that again is quite impossible. I immediately made the payment and took my precious find to the studio that very same day!


Bringing the opal in, I somehow knew this Australian black opal would be "the one," the one opal of my dreams. I planned on making something truly magnificent with this gem.


I ended up reserving it for a nice ring piece, something that was centered around the black opal. The design was meant to celebrate the unique black opal and its vivid play of color as the centerpiece, held in place by prongs. Around this, I added two circular rings of 5.19-carat pear and round-shaped diamonds that would add to its brilliance.


And to wrap it all together, I used solid 18K yellow gold to craft the band and added some paved diamonds at the edges. The final piece turned out exactly as I envisioned, an absolute delight!

GIA Black Opal Engagement Ring

The Magnificent; One of the Most Beautiful Black Opal Rings

Finally, it was time to name this special piece I crafted. It took a split second thought, and I named the black opal ring "The Magnificent," a rather fitting name!


I have the beautiful black opal ring up on the Wind Opal website now, and it has been incredibly well received by our audience. You can find it in the section of black opal engagement rings. Though the price of black opals has skyrocketed since then, I kept the original cost of opal for this ring when I evaluated its sale price, even for a black opal of this rarity!


In the future, I envision this brilliant GIA Certified piece being sold as an engagement ring to a lovely couple. For me, this unique piece will always remind me how we can find beauty even in the most mundane moments if we look hard enough!


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