Opal Lesson 101:

Most Opals are mined in three areas:

Australia - the most famous and has the highest value of opals.  Australian opals have been in the jewelry market for over 100 years.  Collectors must own!

Mexico - you can buy the best quality of Mexican fire opals at affordable prices. Highly recommended!

Ethiopia - the major discovery was in 2008.  It is a new member of the opal market.  Colors will fade away in the water.

Different types of Australian Opal:

Black opal - black opals have a dark grey or black body tone, and opaque or translucent body.  They are mostly mined in Lightning Ridge Australia.  Compared with diamonds, black opals are very rare gemstones.  You can find diamond sellers everywhere, but not black opal sellers.

White/Crystal opal - white or milky body tone, and a transparent or semi-transparent body.

Boulder opal - opal and ironstone formed together.

Doublet opal - a layer of precious light opal glued to a black backing.

Triplet opal - a crystal dome glued on the top of a doublet opal.


How to take care of your precious opal:

(Please read carefully before wearing)

Opals are precious gems and should be treated with care. To clean opal, gently rub it using a soft jeweler’s cloth. Solid opal can be washed in room temperature soapy water. 

Your solid opal jewelry can be cleaned by sonic jewelry cleaner.  Boulder opal, doublets, and triplets have a small chance of being damaged by sonic jewelry cleaner.

Avoid sinking doublet and triplet opal into water.  Doublets and triplets can touch water (washing hands), but it is always better to avoid water.

Opals are a soft gemstone.  It is always important to store your opals separately.  

Opal rings: avoid hitting or scratching opal with metal, rock or any hard materials. 

Opal earrings: ALWAYS store earrings in separated bags to avoid scratches from each other.

Opal necklace: ALWAYS store your pendant away from the chain to avoid scratches.

For long term storage, avoid storing your precious opal in a hot and dry environment.  Wrap the jewelry with a soft cloth.  Put a few drops of water on the cloth and seal it up in a bag.