What Kind of Fire Opal Engagement Ring is Most Popular (Fastest-Selling)?

Unique Fire Opal Diamond Necklace

Fire Opal Engagement Rings Are the Most Popular!

Fire opals are known and loved for their iridescent, fiery inner glows. Their beauty pushes them into a class of their own. And everything, some fire opals are more popular than others and therefore sell out much faster. Over the years, there has been an increase in the popularity of Mexican fire opal engagement rings among couples. The timeless beauty of fire opals makes them well worth the investment.


If you plan to select a fire opal engagement ring for your significant other, you should learn a little about the “Queen of Gems,” Read on as we explore this rare fire opal type!

Fire Opal Engagement Rings

Half Green and Half Orange Opals Are Rare

The most in-demand fire opal engagement rings in the market today are undoubtedly the half-green and half-orange fire opals. These opals are incredibly stunning to set your eyes upon but are among the rarest opal colors you will find in nature.


The fire opal gets its name from its distinctive fiery background. You can easily recognize a fire opal by its mesmerizing bright yellow, orange, or red background, within which it holds a distinctive play of color.


Now imagine a fire opal that isn’t all red and orange but adds in hues of green and moss. This enchanting and harmonious combination of green and red-orange gives your fire opal ring a unique appearance, one that truly appeals to the eyes and, of course, the hearts. As alluring as this combination can be, it is not one so easily found which has pushed its demand over the past few years.

Fire Opal Diamond Engagement Ring

Wind Opal Exclusive Collection of Fire Opal Pieces

The Wind Opal has been making luxury Mexican fire opal engagement rings and other timeless ornaments for over ten years. In our experience, half orange half green fire opals continue to be one of the rarest opals we have come across. On the rare occasion that we get our hands on a delightful piece, it is sold out quite rapidly.


This has come to show us that Mexican fire opals in the shades of orange/red and green are highly sought out. However, we continue seeking highly inspired selections of fire opals to craft our jewelry, particularly the half-green, half-orange variants.

Get Your Hands On A Mexican Fire Opal Before It Sells!

Now that you know how rare and popular these fiery pieces can be, you should do your part and find the best one that attracts your attention. If you do happen to find a stunning Mexican fire opal ring, don’t waste any time! Be sure to make the opal engagement ring yours before someone else can!


People seek out beautiful, timeless pieces that may represent the love they share and half-green, half-orange fire opals seem to do just the trick. There is something undeniably captivating about these gemstones.


Not to forget, the rarity of these opals sets them apart from other luxury items we house. Keep an eye out for our exclusive fire opal collection, which is consistently updated with new, highly sought fire opal pieces - never miss the opportunity to make it yours!


In the meantime, browse through our extensive collection of opal engagements rings, including, black opal engagement rings, fire opal rings, blue opal rings, Australian opal rings and more beautiful opal jewelry.



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