Opal Gemstone: Symbol of Hope and Magic

The symbolism of opal

Opal is recognized by the international jewelry community as the birthstone for October, symbolizing hope and happiness. With its captivating and ever-changing colors, opal resembles a rainbow-like dream, sparking enchanting imaginations. So, what exactly is opal, and what are its effects and uses?

The name "OPAL" is derived from the Sanskrit word "UPALA", which the Romans gave it the name "OPALUS", which means "to collect the gems into one". Opal is a hydrated form of silica with the chemical formula SiO2·n H2O. It has an amorphous structure that leads to various shapes.

Ornaments such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and crowns made from opal create a spectacular display of colors as they move with the wearer's body, adding a touch of grandeur.

In ancient Roman times, opals were considered protective talismans, believed to bring good luck. Symbolizing a rainbow, opals were thought to usher in a beautiful future for their owners. Due to its clear surface, opal was also metaphorically referred to as the "Cupid Stone," signifying a path to pure love. Various cultures associated opals with magical powers, believing they could function like mystical mirrors.

Arabs believed opals came from the heavens, associating them with the ability to sense lightning in the sky. Romans, on the other hand, believed opals brought hope and purity.

Opals possess a magical charm. Shakespeare, at the turn of the century, described opals as the "queen of mysterious gemstones." In the East, opals are regarded as the "anchor of hope."

Wearing a vibrant opal helps individuals radiate their personal charm and elegance. Suitable for performers, politicians, artists, and anyone in a creative field, as well as professionals like salespeople and insurance agents.

 Business professionals wearing opal rings or pendants often demonstrate extraordinary breadth of vision and exceptional taste. They can devise unconventional strategies and execute them thoroughly, achieving unparalleled success.

Allowing opals to bask in moonlight and starlight enhances the wearer's popularity. Gentle and radiant, opal wearers are warmly welcomed, avoiding jealousy or exclusion due to their dazzling charm.


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