How to Assess the Value of Australian Black Opals?

How to value a black opal

With an increasing awareness of opals and their unique charm, these gems have become particularly favored among modern women. Wearing opals adds a dazzling touch to your appearance, but their prices can be quite substantial. So, how much does it cost per gram now? What factors influence the price of them?

Australian Black Opals possess distinctive personalities, much like different individuals. The best Black opals are those that shine brightly; there's no need to overly focus on specific colors or body tones.

The prices depend on various factors: body tone, brightness, pattern, color layer thickness, flaws, and change of color – all play crucial roles in determining these opal's value. Black Opals are typically priced per carat, and other essential factors include cutting, polishing, size, and shape. In essence, the more color  exhibits, the higher its value.

Factors Influencing  Australian Black Opal Prices:
1. **Body Tone:**
Body tone is a key factor in assessing its value. From black to milky white, opals with darker body colors are often more valuable. Black opal is only found in Lightning Ridge, Australia, and is considered the most prized.

2. **Brightness:**
Brightness refers to the intensity and clarity of colors displayed by opals. The brightness range includes vivid, bright, subdued, or dull when viewed face-up.

 Australian Black Opals display patterns formed by color segments, and the uniqueness of these patterns affects their value. High-level patterns are clear, while low-level patterns may appear blurry.

4. **Color Bars:**
The thickness of the color bars is related to the opal's size and shape. Fire opals, formed with a thin layer of opal over a dark background, require careful consideration and calculation when assessing value.

5. **Color Presentation:**
Opals showcase different colors and brightness due to the arrangement of silica spheres in their structure. Red opals are generally more valuable than green ones, and green ones are more valuable than blue ones. Nature rarely produces red opals, with green and blue opals being more abundant.

6. **Flaws:**
Various flaws can diminish the value. Obvious cracks or fine lines on the surface significantly reduce their value. Inclusions like sand or other mineral impurities, sometimes found beneath or within the black opal, also affect value. Other flaws include gray lines and bubbles. High-quality opals should display continuous color and pattern changes with varying angles. Black Opals that cannot produce changing surfaces or where color is only visible from one angle may devalue.

All these factors play a crucial role in assessing the value. However, experience remains irreplaceable, and in reality, there is no globally standardized method for calculating the value. Each opal possesses unique patterns, brightness, and color traits.

In our shop, we display carefully selected opals, each with its own unique characteristics. From deep black opals to vivid reds, each gemstone is a unique work of art.

Welcome to our store, every customer has the opportunity to have this unique beauty. Opal is not only a symbol of love, but also an eternal treasure.


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