Three Mexican Fire Opal Diamond Engagement Ring Designs with Beautiful Play of Colors at Affordable Price

Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Engagement Ring

Wind Opal brings you an exquisite collection of authentic Mexican fire opal rings at incredibly affordable prices. Opals are the most heavily sought gemstones around the world, known for their vibrant colors, captivating allure, and rarity. A unique fire opal ring will surely charm your significant other’s heart.

So, let us introduce you to some of our most in-demand fire opal engagement rings today. Read on to learn more about the beauty and allure of Mexican fire opals. So, let’s explore our Mexican fire opal ring collection!

Fire Opal Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

The Minimalist Mexican Fire Opal Marquise-Shaped Engagement Ring

First on our list is the Minimalist Mexican Fire Opal Marquise Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. At its center lies our exquisite fiery Mexican fire opal in the vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow. Its bright inner play of color easily draws the attention of anyone around it.

The 5 mm x 35.5 mm fire opal serves as the center gemstone of the piece, which is carved into a halo setting. Surrounding the central opal is a set of 12 0.157-carat diamonds that encircle the inner stone. The opal engagement ring can be distinguished by its signature Marquise shape, which gives it an elliptical appearance and the illusion of a greater size. Tying it all together is our signature 18K yellow gold band that makes the opal and diamond ring stand out even more.

Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Engagement Ring

The Minimalist Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Engagement Ring

Our second most coveted ring in our collection is the minimalist Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring. This fire opal ring is for those who appreciate a minimalist, sleek, visually appealing design aesthetic.

At the center of our ring is a 6 mm x 4 mm Mexican fire opal, easily distinguishable by its unique set of colors. You will find a unique mix of green, blue, violet, red-orange, and yellow, creating a captivating visual display.

The opal is set securely in a prong-style setting, held in place by 4 golden claws. Surrounding the opal on each end is a set of 10, 0.030-carat white diamonds whose bright display adds to the polarity and vivid play of colors of the opal diamond ring. Surrounding it is our signature 18K Yellow Gold band.

The Hexagon Fire Opal Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Hexagon Mexican Fire Opal Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Last on our list is the Hexagon Mexican Fire Opal Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. At its center lies a 0.80-carat Mexican Fire Opal embedded with green, orange, and yellow hues. This opal is expertly crafted into a delicate prong setting holding it in place.

Surrounding the central fire opal is a row of 24, 0.093-carat diamonds shaped like an inspired hexagon. Surrounding this stunning opal engagement ring is our 18K Yellow Gold solid band. The opal and diamond ring is best known for its unique geometrical construction that gives it a modern, sophisticated appearance.

Keep An Eye Out For New Exciting Pieces!

Fire opal engagement rings are in demand! While opals have always been sought out as centerpieces for luxury jewelry, it became rare to see them used in engagement rings. Over the past few years, this has changed as more people have come to appreciate the timeless beauty they offer. So, if you are looking for a stunning fire opal engagement ring, you know where to source it.

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